The Mysterious Box from Dark Ridge Exclusive Excerpt


I got ready to meet Cassandra. It was six and I need to get to the boutique. I thought of my dear friend and stepped through the curtain. I arrived there right behind Casandra as she walked into a crowd of people.
The crowd had gathered around a TV located in the front of the boutique. I watched Cassandra as she walked up as close as possible to the TV.
What’s going on? I got closer. Then I overheard a newsman on the TV say, ‘More breaking news has just came into the newsroom. Let’s go to reporter Andre Wilks who is reporting live from the scene. Andre, can you hear me?’
“Yes, thank you John. We have just learned that NORAD has dispatched yet another squadron of fighter jets to the mountains over Eastern Kentucky. These planes are being dispatched for a twofold mission. The first leg of their mission is to help in the defense of the small mountain Town of Coal Mountain. The second leg is to help capture or bring down the foreign aircraft that are terrorizing this mountain town. This is investigative reporter Andre Wilks CMNN
Action ten news.”
I couldn’t believe what I saw on the TV. Two F-16 fighter jets were chasing three funny looking spaceships in the skies above Coal Mountain. The newsman on the television had the boutique buzzing with excitement.

As I walked up, I looked at Cassandra and said, “Hi. I’ve been looking forward to our date tonight.”
Cassandra didn’t greet me with a loving look, or a soft kiss to my cheek. She acted and appeared to be distance as she said, “Hi, how was your day?”
Then the reporter broke in again. “This is John Wallace Action Ten News. Our investigative reporter Andre Wilks has a live interview with one of the pilots that have been chasing the weird looking spacecraft over Coal Mountain. Let’s see if we have that feed now.”
“Thank you John, I’m standing here with one of the brave pilots, Captain Travis Ward who has spent the last few hours chasing these strange looking aircraft in the skies above Coal Mountain.”
“Captain, would you care to tell our viewers what kind of aircraft these are? Are they Russian, Chinese, or North Korean?”
Captain Ward stared into the camera. “In my twenty-plus years of flying I’ve never encountered an aircraft comparable to those things up there. They toyed with us several times. At one point, I had my F-16 at Mach two when the aircraft I was chasing streaked off out of sight. I looked around in the skies everywhere for it and suddenly it appeared again right behind me. How it did that I don’t know. His actions showed me that he had no intentions of engaging our planes in combat or getting in a dog fight, but the maneuver also made it obvious that our planes
were no match for what he had.”
“Captain Ward, are you saying that our enemies have faster and better planes than we do?”
“No!” the captain answered. “I’ve never seen technology like what those aircraft were using on this planet anywhere.”
“Is the U.S. Airforce going to be able to bring this situation under control before a deadly accident happens in the skies above Coal Mountain?”
“Listen, we have to be smart about this. If they have the technology to build aircraft like that, what type of weaponry are they carrying? If we don’t go about this correctly this could escalate rapidly into a very serious situation.”
“There you have it and you heard it first on this station. This is investigative reporter Andre Wilks CMNN action ten news reporting live from Coal Mountain. Now back to the studio.”
“Thank you, Andre. Stay tuned. As developments warrant we’ll break in and bring you more details. For now this is John Wallace CMNN Action Ten News.”
“I wonder if Uncle Ulus was watching that. Those were some crazy looking aircraft. They were so fast. It looked to me like they’re from
another world. I’d about bet on it.”
“I’d love to hear and learn more about them,” Cassandra said as she walked away from the TV.
“If I know Uncle Ulus, if he heard that report he’s asking his friends in the military a whole lot of questions.”
I looked at Cassandra and asked, “Are you ready? There’s a restaurant I know that you would really enjoy that I’d love to show you.”
“Really,” she asked.
“Can we take your little Miata? I’d love to drive it with the top back up through the mountains in case those neat looking aircraft come flying overhead once again.”
“Sure, we can take my car. Where are you taking me tonight?”
“Well, the place I had in mind is my favorite pizza place in the whole world. They make the best pizza pie. It’s located on top of one of the highest mountain peaks in Coal Mountain.”
“What’s the name of this restaurant?”


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