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I picked up the pen and started writing early in my childhood. While in elementary school, I wrote a book about a space odyssey. In class one day my teacher ask to see what I was writing. She enjoyed it so much that she read a chapter from the book each day to the entire class. My classmates enjoyed it.

In school I was very active in sports. I enjoyed basketball and baseball and as I got older I enjoyed hunting and fishing. But my favorite past time and friend was my motorcycle. I enjoyed the peace and freedom that came from each and every ride.

At the young age of 18 I went to work as an underground coal miner in Southeastern Kentucky. All together I spent a little over fifteen years working in the coal fields. One of the many jobs I held was assisting with the management a coal company. I met a lot of good people in the coal fields of Eastern Kentucky. I saw a lot of good things coming from mining companies in our area. I also had knowledge of companies that gave mining a bad name and reputation. In these isolated cases these companies would destroy the land to get to the coal that made their bank accounts fat at any cost.

I came to appreciate underground coal miners for what they faced and experienced every day on the job and in their everyday lives. These experiences helped me to gain a unique perspective on life that comes through in my writing. This can be seen in my latest book “Murder Seen through the Eyes of a Child” and in my upcoming book, “The Mysterious Box from Dark Ridge.”
I have always enjoyed writing, but within the last few years I have discovered my passion for writing once again. The fun and joy I had writing as a young boy is once again flowing through my mind and heart. I really believe you will enjoy reading my upcoming books.

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