Have you ever wondered what underground mining was like?

Check out the photos below this article. I have personally done all the jobs and operated all the equipment you see in the photos. These photos are provided by Joy manufacturing and other companies. Joy makes a lot of the mining equipment miner’s use in underground coal operations. Joy shuttle cars carry the coal to the feeders for the long trip to the stockpile outside the mine.
S & H scoops are used to pick up the coal to upload into feeders for the long trip on the conveyor belt. Roof bolter’s keeps underground miners safe. Boy! Do these photos bring back memories!
Also, a photo of a fire boss doing his job to keep workers safe. Can you pick out who is who? Love to hear your thoughts!

CM 12CM27-Underground joy-global2 Kentucky_MSL_MFTpicture underground_scoop UndergroundCoalMining